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About The Dominion of Giants

I love High Fantasy, Giants who are  larger than life, Gnomes that are small yet wonderful, fairies, Orcs, Goblins, dragons and the list goes on. I wanted to create a world were no being would be considered “Evil” just because they happened to be that being. Let’s look at Orcs, in every instance from Lord of The Rings to Dungeon and Dragons, Orcs have been considered “Evil”, this generalization works in the movies or games but in the real world, maybe the Orcs, for generations have been told that they were a lower class and to not just fear, but hate any and all races that were different from them. (Add more examples like Dark Elf’s). This is the foundation to the Dominion of Giants, Here you will find Kind hearted Orcs as well as evil Orcs,…….

For millions of years dinosaurs ruled the world, devoid of any humankind. In the world of The Domionion of Giants humanoid creatures we now as giants have ruled for millions more. We do not know if the time of giants was prior to the dinasaures or in a future we have yet come to now.

The giant races are varied, some we recognize, like Hill Giants, Mountain Giants or Fire Giants. Many giants we have never heard of, or could hardly imagine, for in the world of The Dominion of Giants, giants battle dwarfs, orcs and goblins run freely and peace is kept by the largest of the giants, the Kingdom Giant.

Giants are humanoid creatures, usually of great strength and size ofttimes monstrous men who were closely related to the gods. Most giants have superior senses to most humans. In general they can see and hear twice as well. The cloud giant, hill giant and stone giant species have a particularly good sense of smell. Which brings up the question, why do we compare giant traits to human traits? Humans are mythological beings, portrayed in books and ancient scrolls, if humans did exist, they have not been seen in over 10,000 years.

Dwarves and giants don’t always see eye to eye, sort of speaking, This being said dwarfs as a race are experienced at fighting giants, so they are more adept in combat with them.

Giants are a strong race, a proud race. Giants have maintained, for the most part, peace for the last 1000 years.

This is the Dominion of Giants.


Fairies are generally described as human-like in appearance and have extradinary magical powers, some believe fairies are the most powerful beings on the planet. Connected to the planets energy force, fairies can draw on the power of the planet as well as the destructive energies that are contained in the atmosphere. Diminutive fairies of one kind or another have been recorded for centuries, but occur alongside the giant beings; faireis have been depicted as ranging in size from 3 feet to 5 feet tall, closeest in stature to what is known about the humans of mythology than any being on the planet.

Fairies are all female born of the mother earth. It is known that mother earth rebalances itself with the birth of every fairie. If the earth falls to far out of balance fairie queens are born, the queens psosses the power to bring the world back in balance.


At the age of Omncention, giant, dwarf, orc and goblin alike are sent thru the Gate of Amnus. Omncention is the comming of age, when a child becomes an adult he is honored with the right to hunt and fight allong side the other men in the clan. The Gate of Amnus is the test that all males must endure. At Omncention the child is sent thru the gate in search of a prize that will dictate his socail standing in the clan for the rest of his life. Many do not return, those that do, return with horns or tusks that are often worn on the back and are of a scale that make you wonder about the size of the being that they come from.

Females of Each Race

The females of each race are arguably the most powerful beings on the planet. Except for dwarfs only the females of each race can touch the essence of the world, the Chi, this magic is the most powerful force on the planet.